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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How do you find a good caterer?

Reviews, interviews and menu tastings will help you find the right catering choice for your big day. Start by screening possible wedding caterers based on past reviews. If a caterer you are interested in has a review that concerns you, ask them about it; how they respond will be very telling. Next, ask about their availability for your wedding date.

If the wedding caterer is available on your date, it’s time to talk about menus and prices. Be clear about what your maximum budget is find out what choices this will allow you. Caterers may custom-create a menu for your event, or they may have menu templates within different price ranges that can guide your decision. A clear budget gives the caterer clear parameters within which to work and offer creative suggestions. Schedule a menu tasting to confirm you love your wedding menu. Once you have a menu and date, and have paid a deposit to reserve the caterer’s services, confirm additional details including when the food will be delivered to the site, what kind of service will be provided, how many servers will be onsite and for how long, and who is responsible for setup and cleanup. The more specific your contract, the fewer worries you’ll have on your wedding day. Get more smart hiring tips here.

How much does a personal chef cost?

Hiring a personal chef usually costs anywhere from $40-$100 or more per person. Request free cost estimates from personal chefs in your area so you’ll know exactly how much it will cost to hire one for your needs. For an accurate quote, be sure to let the chefs know the number of people they’ll need to feed, what you’d like on the menu and other relevant details. 

To learn more about the factors that impact the cost to hire a personal or private home chef, read our cost guide.

Do you tip a wedding caterer?

Tipping 15 percent to 20 percent on a $3,000 catering bill can feel daunting — especially in light of all the other costs of throwing a wedding — but tipping your wedding caterer is standard practice. Be sure to ask your caterer about their specific policies. Many catering companies include gratuity as a line item on their bill. If tipping is not automatically included in your total, a good approach is to tip all the people involved the day of the event rather than paying one lump sum to the catering company. For each server and bartender, you can tip $20-$50, depending on how long they were onsite and whether they did exceptional work. You can also tip the chef; experts suggest $50. It’s also a good idea to tip the catering manager, the point-of-contact person who keeps the catering service running smoothly the day of your wedding, ensures all the food looks beautiful and is plentiful, and resolves any mishaps. Industry pros recommend tipping the catering manager $100-$200. If gratuity is not included and you’re tipping individuals, set aside $200-$500 in cash to be safe.

How do you serve food at a wedding?

Food service at your wedding will affect your catering costs and influence the atmosphere of the reception. Buffet style is more informal; plated meals are a bit fancier; family style encourages sharing. Read about the different food service styles to select your preferred wedding catering choice.

  • Buffet: Caterers can drop off prepared foods for a DIY and budget-friendly buffet option where you set everything up and food is entirely self-service. For a fuller-service buffet, the caterers set up food, oversee the buffet throughout the event, and clean up afterwards. For food only, prices per person might average $16-$18, while a service buffet may start around $20-$22 per person. Adding food stations can increase per-person costs by at least $3-$5.
  • Family style: Servers bring large platters of food to guest tables in courses. It’s less formal (and less expensive) than a plated meal, but more formal and higher-cost than a buffet. You’ll need large tables to accommodate the platters, so plan accordingly when renting furniture for the event.
  • Plated: A plated event is a formal dining experience; waitstaff serve your seated guests for each course, fill their drinks, and attend to them throughout the dinner. A plated dinner is typically the most expensive option for both food and service.
  • Food trucks: Similar to buffets, with food trucks your guests get their own food and bring it to their table. A food truck gives a relaxed and playful vibe to your reception.
  • Cocktail reception: If you don’t want a formal seated dinner, you can opt for a wide assortment of passed appetizers at an extended cocktail hour reception.

How much should catering cost for a wedding?

The cost of wedding catering will reflect the level of service, the menu you choose, the luxury you desire and the number of guests you invite. Where you live also plays a major role in your wedding catering costs. The regional cost to do business and local cost of food will affect your catering bill. There is no set price for wedding catering, because each wedding and each menu is different. This is why many caterers provide a per-person price. This allows you to break down what it costs to feed each person based on the menu you want. Working with your caterer, you can adjust menu items, service level and more to accommodate your budget and guest count. Keep in mind that wedding catering costs are not just for the food. The bill reflects all the components that go into commercial food catering: a commercial kitchen, ingredients, staff, insurance, marketing and more. Here are some examples of average costs:

  • Three-course plated meal, moderately upscale, for 125 in Los Angeles: $14,000. Because of staffing costs, a true plated meal costs about twice as much as a staff-assisted buffet.
  • Buffet meal, standard menu, for 100 in Los Angeles: $5,000.
  • Per-person cost for hors d'oeuvres, dinner and nonalcoholic beverages: $24–$37, depending on menu selection, in Southern California.
  • Drop off prepared food for 50: $1,000 in North Carolina. Price does not include any service, setup or breakdown.

What should you look for in a caterer?

A delicious meal is a critical element of a successful wedding, with happy guests fondly remembering your fabulous wedding food. The right caterer for you will be:

  • Available: Even the best caterer is no good if they aren’t available on your wedding date. Ask early before you get your heart set on someone.
  • Affordable for you: Find a caterer that you can afford. Having a spending plan ahead of time will mean you won’t overspend on food.
  • A good personality fit: Wedding planning is stressful, so work with someone that you can get along with and communicate with easily.
  • Experienced and recommended: Ensure the company has a proven track record with events of your size and the references to back it up.
  • Transparent about money: Steer clear of shady pricing. Find a caterer who is very clear about costs and is happy to talk you through budgets and pricing options.
  • Transparent about food: Find someone who is clear about where they source their food from and where it is prepared.

How much does wedding catering cost per person?

Wedding catering costs will always vary based on the number of guests you’re inviting, the menu you want to serve, and the way the food will be served to your guests. As you interview wedding catering companies, you’ll be presented with a cost per person for various menus. On the low end, wedding catering may cost approximately $15-$18 per person. This would include prepared food only, with no setup or service of any kind. The starting price for a simple buffet meal with minimal service typically averages $22 per person. Opting for the same menu with all organic ingredients could raise your costs to about $33 per person. A moderately upscale menu (finer ingredients, more elaborate presentation) could range from $24 to $34 per person. High-end wedding catering cost truly has no limit. Lobster, filet mignon, specialty seafood, organic ingredients — menu choices like these can boost your cost per person up to $150 and more.

How much does it cost to hire a caterer?

Catering prices depend mainly on how fancy you want the food and service to be and how many guests you’ll have. When you’re first looking to hire a caterer for your event, consider how many guests you’ll have and your total food and drink budget. The national average for event catering is $340, but catering prices can range into the thousands depending on your menu, guest count, and service.

Event catering is a broad term that covers everything from fully prepared, ready-to-eat food that the hosts plate and serve themselves to full-service, multicourse meals, including rental of linens, glassware and other items, with service staff organized by the catering company. Usually a caterer will determine cost based on the type of event you’re having, how many guests will attend, the level of service you desire, and what type of menu you’d like to have. For example, if you have a set catering budget, say $1,500, and you plan to have 50 people attend, that means you have $30 per person for food. If you have the same budget with 100 people, you have $15 per person for food. In this way, the number of people you want to attend your event and the level of food you want to serve them determines how much catering will cost.

How much should catering cost per person?

Catering prices can range from about $10 per guest on the low end to $150 or more per person on the high end. Catering costs represent the quality of food, presentation, variety, ingredients and service. But catering prices are more than the cost to cook the food that will be at your party; they also include the cost for the company to do business. Here is a simple breakdown of catering prices:

  • Menu: The food you serve your guests will directly affect the price per person. Organic ingredients, complex recipes, elaborate presentations, or high-ticket items like lobster or filet mignon all add to the cost.
  • Service: Buffet, family style, plated dinners — how you serve the food affects the cost per person. For example, a true plated meal can cost about twice the price of a staff-assisted buffet because of staffing costs. Hiring waiters, bartenders and cleanup crew will all be calculated into the per-person catering price.
  • Drinks: Providing beverages and alcoholic drinks for guests greatly increases your catering budget. Hosting an open bar can cost as much per person as the meal.
  • Rentals: Seating, plates, glassware, etc., will all have an effect on the cost per person for catering. For example, a plastic conference table that seats 10 costs about $6 to rent on average, while a wooden farmhouse table is about $80 to rent on average.
  • Business costs: Any catering cost will also include the cost for the company to do business such as insurance, employee wages, commercial kitchen space and more.
Reviews for Marietta chefs
Ira P.
Superb food great chef
"BLESST" Events (Catering, Photo, Video, DJ)"BLESST" Events (Catering, Photo, Video, DJ)
Lacy R.
Chef John was AMAZING! We couldn’t have been happier, fuller or more satisfied. Thank you Chef John for making our New Years Eve so special!
John Fravel Private Chef & CateringJohn Fravel Private Chef & Catering
Michael S.
Chef Charlei-Jane is excellent!!! My wife thoroughly enjoyed the food and the fellowship that chef provided. She was on time...prepared the food and then cleaned afterwards as if it were her own kitchen. Excellent...excellent...excellent!!!
Cumming VeganCumming Vegan
LaPaul E.
Chef Brandon Moore made our 21st wedding anniversary a wonderful experience. The food was delicious and aesthetically pleasing. Chef Brandon brought all items with him and left our kitchen area spotless.
Chef Brandon MooreChef Brandon Moore
Sarah P.
Chef Dena and her sous chef Janelle were so fun to have for my friends 30th birthday. She was extremely responsive and willing to customize a few of her dishes. The food was fresh, home cooked and straightforward. Highly recommend the mc n cheese and the peach cobbler with the brandy sauce!
In-Joy Atlanta Catering  LLCIn-Joy Atlanta Catering LLC
Thumbtack Customer
My husband and I decided to end 2016 off with something memorable. A personal chef to prepare a meal for us and our friends before a night on the town to ring in 2017. Chef Bree prepared the best New Years Eve steak dinner we could have ever ask for. Prior to the night we had several phone calls to discuss what we were looking for and our vision for the evening. She was truly a pleasure to work with and have in our home. Her food truly speaks for itself. Days after our friends are still raving over the experience and the delicious 4-course meal that was prepared. We highly recommend Chef Bree and Good Fork Catering. My husband and I cannot wait for the opportunity to work with Chef Bree again.
Good Fork CateringGood Fork Catering
Martin S.
This was our first time using Thumbtack and a private chef. John Fravel provided 110% of what we needed, not only will we use him again our guests were very impressed and will be calling on John to meet their catering needs as well. Delicious food, expertly served, by a perfect chef...who even cleaned up.
John Fravel Private Chef & CateringJohn Fravel Private Chef & Catering
Libra M.
Chef Bree was great to work with and put on an awesome brunch to help us celebrate my son being home for a few days.
Good Fork CateringGood Fork Catering
Jamila H.
Our birthday dinner was amazing. Everything was so delicious , the flavors were on point. Chef Trey was very personable and professional. I'd highly recommend.
Trey Beau Personal Chef and Event ServiceTrey Beau Personal Chef and Event Service
Thumbtack Customer
David accomplished EVERYTHING I asked for and more. He's a wonderful person and an accomplished chef. We will hire him again when the need arises!
Andrea w.
I used chef Xavier this summer for my son graduation brunch . One word and that’s Phenomenal.... book him. You won’t be disappointed
Food 4 Tudez LLCFood 4 Tudez LLC
Viki S.
Chef Bree and her staff did an outstanding job preparing a delicious and unique meal for our guests. Would definitely recommend her and will use her in the future.
Good Fork CateringGood Fork Catering
Jeff F.
Looking forward to a great relationship with Chef Trey. The chicken and fettuccini dish was very delicious. He takes pride in his craft and it shows. Ready for our next meal. Let’s go!!!
Trey Beau Personal Chef and Event ServiceTrey Beau Personal Chef and Event Service
Susan S.
Everything was spot on! The experience was excellent from start to finish. Chef Bree was professional yet very personal. Food was fabulous and the service exceptional. Will be using her again for my next special event!
Good Fork CateringGood Fork Catering
Jacques H.
Chef Sabrina created a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner for my family event of 25. Very personable/professional and went above and beyond to ensure all of our needs were met. I highly recommend!
Good Fork CateringGood Fork Catering
Jennifer K.
Chef John was amazing! He accommodated some last minute timing issues and happily adapted to the situation to ensure the food was fresh and ready for consumption when it met the needs of the guests for our dinner party. He was a pleasure to do business with and his cooking is simply delicious, with a beautiful presentation to boot! I highly recommend Chef John and will most definitely use him again when future catering needs arise. He made the holiday dinner I had for my executive team colleagues exquisite!
John Fravel Private Chef & CateringJohn Fravel Private Chef & Catering
Jenn B.
We hosted our first ever “grown up” Holiday dinner party for Christmas Ooand Chef John was so flexible with dinner options, pricing etc. He was responsive to all of my questions prior to the dinner party and the food was superb. Our friends were talking about it for weeks stating “the bar has been raised”. Oh and did I mention?? They do ALL clean up including dishes, sweep floors, wipe down counters. It’s in pristine condition all while you and guests get to enjoy dining! We would definitely hire Chef John for a special occasion in the future.
John Gifaldi, Personal Chef ServicesJohn Gifaldi, Personal Chef Services
Qura W.
What can I say about Chef!?!? From our first interaction he made me feel comfortable with the process. This was not just another job to him, he really loves what he does! I came home and Chef was a few minutes early already bringing in supplies. He worked with my kitchen and just made us COMFORTABLE! He didn't warm up the food, he COOKED!!!! Everything was hot, seasoned perfectly. We were very impressed. 5 STAR Quality service from beginning to end! He thoroughly cleaned up everything afterwards. I would recommend him Seasonbay to anyone!!!
Sam F.
Chef John did a fantastic job catering our at home dinner party. He prepared most courses before hand and put the final touches on some in our kitchen. The food was delicious and you could tell he used the freshest ingredients. He was also easy and fun to work with.
John Fravel Private Chef & CateringJohn Fravel Private Chef & Catering
Ronald C.
Extremely pleased with Chef Fravel's Mother's luncheon. He offered a very complete menu. His standout's were the: - Green salad with shredded purple cabbage, walnuts, dried cranberries and gorgonzola crumbles in an agave Dijon vinaigrette Day luncheon. - perfectly cooked Sliced beef tenderloin - Crab cakes Benedict, absolutely to die for Bottom line, I would not hesitate to hire him again.
John Fravel Private Chef & CateringJohn Fravel Private Chef & Catering
Joseph R.
Caroline and Matthew are awesome. They are EXCELLENT chefs. When I first looked on Thumbtack, I was expecting just some really good cooks that came to do some private cooking. Caroline and Matthew are very different — the food is presented and tastes like you are at a very high-class restaurant. Be sure to taste as many dishes of theirs as possible. Their Gnocchi was the best gnocchi we have ever had.
Caroline + MatthewCaroline + Matthew
Robin M.
My husband and I recently celebrated our "50th" wedding anniversary. Chef Bree (Sabrina) not only prepared a delicious meal worthy of 5-stars, but she also provided impeccable service. Her added personal touch definitely made this special occasion even more memorable for both my husband and myself, as well as for the family members, who joined us. Thank you so much, Sabrina, and hope to see you again!
Good Fork CateringGood Fork Catering
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