At-home oasis: Top trending projects ahead of summer 2022.


Summertime means there’s more hours in the day — and more time to enjoy and care for our indoor and outdoor spaces. While consumers are beginning to invest in travel again, today’s homeowners remain highly focused on sprucing up and reimagining their homes to maximize their livable square footage and get the most out of their existing space. In fact, we recently found that 35% of homeowners are budgeting over $10,000 for home projects this year.

At Thumbtack, we’re seeing a significant spike in outdoor upgrades, as homeowners look to create an ‘outdoor oasis’ where they can host, relax and spend quality time with their families. With gazebo installationspatio and deck remodels, and backyard playground construction on the rise, Americans are ready to soak up the sun and spend the summer outside.

We dove into our database of millions of home projects in every state to uncover the top home upgrade trends as we head into the summer of 2022. Here’s what we found.

A focus on outdoor spaces.

This spring, we’ve seen homeowners shift focus to their home’s outdoor spaces earlier than usual. We’ve seen an increased investment in upping a home’s curb appeal this spring, with high demand for landscaping services (up 144% in the past three months), exterior painting (up 127% in the past three months), and outdoor repairs — deck and porch, garage door, siding, and fence and gate repairs are all up year over year.

Freshening up exterior trim, windows, doors and features has led to the increase in exterior painting. And when painting isn’t an option, homeowners are investing in new siding, exterior trim installation or even just brick washing to give their homes a facelift.

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What projects and pros will be in highest demand? Here are the top 10 most popular outdoor home upgrades this season:

Lawn maintenance is also on the rise, as homeowners invest in keeping their outdoor spaces in pristine condition. In the past three months, lawn mowing and trimming skyrocketed by 833% and full-service lawn care increased 245%. Additionally, mulching has increased by 489%, shrub trimming is up 422% and weeding is up 310%.

Embracing outdoor hosting.

But the focus on outdoor spaces doesn’t stop at curb appeal — the new culture of outdoor gatherings that took hold over the past few years is only accelerating. Homeowners are seeking new ways to relax in (and even work from) their outdoor spaces.

Gazebo installation and construction is among the highest trending categories, up 102% year over year (and up 381% in the past three months) — creating the perfect shady location to take work calls or enjoy a glass of wine. Innovation in hardscape, soft-scape and exterior furniture means homeowners are now enjoying much more texture-friendly environments that we’ll continue to see en masse.

And as people look to increase their outdoor hosting square footage, we’re seeing spikes in patio remodels and additions as well as deck and porch remodels on the rise (up 187% and 128% over the past three months, respectively). Patio awnings and cover installations are also spiking compared to last year, and are up 121% over the past three months. And to top it off, barbecue and grill services are spiking in popularity (up 134% in the past three months) as homeowners embrace cooking outdoors. We’re predicting that outdoor fire pit constructions and built-in outdoor grill and bar areas will see a bump in demand this summer.

If you’re dreaming of a refreshed deck, yard, porch, or patio, our best advice is to move quickly. Pros are also busier than ever, so it’s important to get ahead of your exterior projects in order to make sure your outdoor spaces are ready for summer fun and entertaining. With the one-two punch of continued supply chain challenges and high demand, we predict outdoor decor and entertaining items will run out of stock again this season.

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Family-friendly upgrades.

Homeowners who’ve been enjoying the backyard oases of their friends and families are now investing in their own — particularly when they have young children who’ll be home for many more summers.

We’re seeing parents across the country create new spaces for kids to unplug and spend time outdoors with play equipment construction seeing an increase of 303% in the last three months. We’re predicting that built-in trampoline sets, and other nostalgic outdoor play equipment will continue to see a rise in popularity this summer.

And while swimming pools saw a decline last year, in 2022 outdoor water areas are making a comeback, creating new spaces for little ones (and adults) to splash around and stay cool this summer — with above-ground swimming pool installations up 494%, in-ground swimming pool constructions up 133% and hot tub installations up 300% in the past three months.

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Interior remodels on the rise.

The pandemic-driven trend towards home improvements continues to dominate. Homeowners are reimagining their houses from the inside out, with room remodels increasing a striking 51% year-over-year, and staircase remodels and closet remodels also surging compared to last year.

Our data indicates that homeowners are as focused on bringing new life to their spaces as they have been for the past two years. The top 10 indoor home upgrades in 2022 are:

Homeowners are craving new textures and daring statements inside their homes, be it adding a new wallpaper pattern to the bathroom, painting the primary bedroom a bolder color, or embracing stucco texture on the walls. To top it off, new light fixtures in dark and bronze tones, as well as tile accents are seeing a rise in popularity that we predict will continue this year.

Pro tips: Checking off your summer to-do list.

A majority (68%) of homeowners feel overwhelmed, stressed or confused about taking care of their homes. So how do you make sure you’re tackling your to-do list effectively? Through our app, a team of home experts curate a personalized home maintenance plan for each homeowners’ specific needs, based on your specific home and location.

Here are the projects our home experts recommend prioritizing this summer, along with budgeting guidelines:

  • Landscaping: Though it’s a higher cost investment, landscaping can increase your home’s curb appeal (and value), help you save water or lower energy costs. ($1,034-$5,720 on average).
  • Deck or porch repairs: Inspect your deck at least once a year to keep it safe and in good condition. A pro can help repair any visible rot or cracks or loose boards, stairs or railings. ($250-$1,200 on average).
  • Swimming pool maintenance: When it’s time for your pool to come out of hibernation, a pro can help you test pH levels, refill and deep clean it and determine if you need an algaecide treatment. ($100 starting price).
  • Duct and vent cleaning: Ducts and vents should be cleaned every three years to keep your heating and AC systems running efficiently. ($179-$250 on average).
  • AC maintenance: Your AC unit should be serviced once a year, to save money get your furnace tuned up while you’re at it. ($50-$140 on average).

For a free personalized home maintenance guide specific to your home and location, download the Thumbtack app (available on Android and iOS).

Project data methodology: All data year over year comparison data is based on findings from May 2021 — May 2022. All pricing data is based on national averages, real prices may vary based on city and supply.

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