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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does it cost to install carpet on stairs?

The number of stairs you want carpeted in your home will directly affect your carpet installation cost. Putting carpet on stairs generally increases the labor time and requires a higher degree of detail than laying carpet flat. Where you live in the country also plays a role in your carpet installation cost. Carpet installation companies in smaller towns with a lower cost of living and a lower cost to do business (insurance, company vehicles, employee labor, etc.) can usually offer their customers lower rates than companies in large cities where the cost of living and the cost to do business are higher. Carpet pros will often quote you a flat rate per stair once they do a site visit to provide an estimate. They’ll take into account the size of each stair you want carpeted (including both the step and the riser), and what type of stair it is. For example, the cost might range between $3 and $10 per stair for labor only. On the higher end of the spectrum, box stairs or staircase stairs with spindles that must be worked around might cost between $15 and $25 per stair.

How much does it cost to carpet a bedroom?

If you’re building a new home, remodeling, or ready for new carpet in your bedroom, you’ll want to know carpet installation costs. Here are the factors that affect the cost of your new bedroom carpet:

  • Installation cost per square yard: From under $2 to over $6. Carpet companies have a labor cost per square foot for installing your new carpet. Depending on where you live in the country, that rate can vary greatly. This rate does not include the cost of the carpet.
  • Type of carpet: from $1 per square foot to $20 or more per square foot. The fibers that make up your carpet will have a direct effect on cost. As an example, specialty wool carpets may start at about $10 per square foot, while a manufactured fiber like nylon may be about $2 per square foot.
  • Removal of old carpet: from $1 to $4 per square yard. Old carpet is labor-intensive to remove and also costs money to dispose of or recycle. The cost to remove carpet will depend on how much carpet you need removed and whether your installation pros offer a discounted rate for installing your new carpet at the same time.
  • Subfloor repair: from $40 to $70 per hour (plus materials cost). If the flooring underneath your old carpet is damaged, it must be repaired before the new carpet is installed. Many carpet pros can offer this service, or you can hire a handyman to handle the job.  
  • Type of carpet pad: $1 per square yard and up, depending on the thickness. The cost to install carpet pad is typically included with the labor cost per yard of installing the carpet itself.

How much does it cost to install carpet?

If you’re ready to bring new life into your house with a makeover from the ground up, you’re ready to learn more about carpet installation costs. Installation costs vary greatly, depending on a number of factors such as the type of carpet, the number of square yards, any necessary repair work, the number of stairs you have, and where you live. Due to these variables, the national average cost of carpet installation ranges between $200 and $4,500.

To start planning for your new carpet, measure roughly how many square yards of carpet you’ll need. Research the main carpet styles and materials you like to get a feel for what they cost. Nylon carpets are typically the least expensive, and wool is one of the higher-end carpets. Prices per square foot might range from under $2 to over $10, depending on materials. Count the number of stairs you want carpeted; each one might average between $3 and $10 (or more for box steps). Carpet removal can be an added cost as well, averaging $1-$4 per square yard, depending on the company and regional disposal costs. 

How much is the cheapest carpet?

If you’re looking to reduce carpet installation costs, there are several ways to save. Start by considering your carpeting needs. Manufactured materials such as polyester and nylon will be cheaper than natural fibers such as wool. From big box retailers, starting prices for olefin-based carpet are approximately 50 cents per square foot — making the cost under $5 per square yard. Indoor carpets made with olefin fibers are typically the least expensive on the market. Keep in mind that olefin fibers are not as soft on bare feet as other fibers, so are often used in areas like basements, playrooms or indoor patios. Nylon and polyester are good options to reduce carpet installation costs while still creating a cozy feel. The face weight, fiber construction and density of a carpet all affect the cost per square foot. The cheapest nylon or polyester carpets can start at just under $2 per square foot, making them about $18 per square yard. Lower-cost carpet tends to wear out more quickly and show stains more easily, so avoid light colors and vacuum regularly to keep the fibers clear of dirt that might age it too quickly.

Do flooring professionals offer remote or virtual services?

Because flooring work has to be done in-person, flooring professionals are typically unable to perform work virtually. If you come across a pro's profile that states they're offering remote services, message the pro to see what those services include.

If you plan to get indoor flooring installed once the pandemic is over, you can ask potential flooring specialists if they host virtual consultations through video calls and digital messaging. Compare flooring professionals in your area online to find the right fit, and book an appointment.

Are there ways to be safe if I hire a flooring professional when social distancing?

If you hire a flooring professional for an outdoor project, you may be able to avoid person-to-person contact with the pro. If you hire a pro for an indoor job, avoid physical contact, sanitize surfaces and use virtual payments like PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay and Square Cash App to complete transactions instead of using cash or checks. Determine a strategy with the flooring professional when you contact them.

Does a flooring professional need to enter my home?

If the flooring project is located inside your residence, performing the job would require the flooring professional to enter your home. This is not recommended by the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if a flooring project takes place in a separate location outside of your home, the flooring professional will not need to enter your home. 

Talk to flooring professionals in your area to see if it’s necessary for them to enter your home. If so, you might want to postpone the project until social distancing guidelines are relaxed by the government.

Can I use digital payments to pay for floor installation, replacement or repairs?

Many local flooring professionals offer digital payments to conduct transactions for floor repairs, installation, replacement and more. This trend has been increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is prompting flooring professionals to take payments through Venmo, Square Cash, PayPal, Google Pay, Zelle and other convenient platforms. 

To ensure you can safely pay for the service, contact the professional beforehand and ask which services are acceptable. Take any measures necessary to comply with guidelines on social distancing.

How can I find out if a flooring professional is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

To find out whether a flooring professional is considered an essential service in the current coronavirus pandemic, consult your city or state’s government website. To get a sense of the national recommendations, check CISA’s Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19 webpage

This page lists 16 different infrastructure sectors that are officially considered essential during this time. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure. Ultimately, you should consult with your local government. 

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a flooring professional during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To safely set up a consultation or appointment with a flooring professional and avoid the risk of transmitting COVID-19, start with an online search. Contact the professional through a message and ask to set up a video or phone call to discuss the project. This lets the professional visualize what needs to be done without physically needing to be there. Discuss the project’s timeline, budget, virtual payment capabilities and adherence to guidelines set forth locally and by the CDC.

Reviews for League City flooring installation and repair professionals
Kim S.
Texas Wood flooring did a great job and made sure that they responded to all of wants and needs. They were able to get my floors done quickly.
Texas Wood Flooring Service LLCTexas Wood Flooring Service LLC
Mark J.
Robert and his crew did an outstanding job. They re-carpeted the whole upstairs and laid hardwood flooring in the dining and living rooms. His prices were very competitive and the work crew did a great job keeping everything clean, and hauling away the old carpet. I would recommend Robert's Hardwood Flooring for any flooring needs you might have.
Robert's Hardwood Flooring ServicesRobert's Hardwood Flooring Services
David G.
Fred carpet installed 1180 square feet of laminate flooring in my home . It was a great experience throughout the whole process . They do quality work and are quick to respond to any questions you may have. I highly recommend these guys for all your flooring installation needs.
Fred Carpet and Flooring InstallationFred Carpet and Flooring Installation
Guillermo R.
Federico and his work crew did a great job in installing laminate flooring in my bedroom and closet. I would highly recommend them!
Fred Carpet and Flooring InstallationFred Carpet and Flooring Installation
Thumbtack Customer
Robert was on time daily did a beautiful job!!! Better than we had even hoped for , thank you so much we love our floors.
Robert's Hardwood Flooring ServicesRobert's Hardwood Flooring Services
Sophie S.
They came to install the laminate flooring in my house last week. I am so happy to see the new floor. The house now looks brighter and warmer. I don't have to worry about the pet stain on carpet any more. They came in one week and finished the living room and bedroom in two days. The work quality is satisfying as you can tell from the pictures. I will let them to come back to do the upstairs as well.
Fred Carpet and Flooring InstallationFred Carpet and Flooring Installation
Thumbtack Customer
I had my tile/wood floors ripped out for Luxury Vinyl Plank all downstairs. The crew did a good job with very little mess. I would recommend.
Texas Wood Flooring Service LLCTexas Wood Flooring Service LLC
Kellen M.
Fred and his crew are simply the best! They are punctual, professional and friendly. They take pride in their work and the laminate wood flooring they installed for us come out better than we ever expected it too. Their workmanship is very impressive and the pricing was fair as well. He even educated us on the best ways to save money with the materials costs and recommended the products that he trusts and uses the most. We will definitely use/recommend Fred for any future flooring projects for us and our friends! A++ all the way!
Fred Carpet and Flooring InstallationFred Carpet and Flooring Installation
Kelly U.
Great to work with Josue! He was very professional and did the job in a timely manner. We will definitely be hiring him for more upcoming projects and referring him to our friends and Family. Thank you Josue for the great job you did. Our floors are beautiful!
JC Wood Floors 2015JC Wood Floors 2015
Ingrid S.
I absolutely love love ❤️ my new carpet. Very good quality work. It looks and feels great. Manna Flooring was extremely professional, on time, fast installation (beat quoted time), very reasonably priced. They had a lot of good samples to choose from and Samuel was very patient with my indecisiveness😊. Kept professional record and pictures from our consultations to keep us on the same page, and made great suggestions based on what I said I wanted. Also, Samuel was very friendly at every encounter. I will without a doubt be referring and using these guys again and again.
Manna Flooring Inc.Manna Flooring Inc.
Xavier A.
I thought it was going to be good when THS gave me a reasonable quote. Until the work started... I first requested to have my carpet removed and replaced with tile and also have my fire place tile replaced with stone. Then the wife and I decided to add a few small areas with tile to be replaced as well, all in all it was around 650sqft. The first few days the 2 man crew performing the job didn’t show up until 9am, then the last two days they decided not to show up until after 11am. The 2 man crew consisted of only one of the guys doing all of the tile work. I mentioned if they planned to level the floor for the tile. They persisted to tell me they use a self leveling mortar, but even then I never saw the man use a level to ensure the tile was being laid level or each tile would be at an even level with one another. Which came to life when the project was done and majority of all the tile is uneven. The project lasted way longer than the assumed estimated time, because of the late arrivals I’m sure. Now to the pictures. I don’t know how they thought I was going to be ok with them half Assing the stone install around my fire place. It’s very obvious how they didn’t even cover the area they was replacing with the stone. Your able to still see the adhesive from the old tile. Now since they were taking so long and I suggested for them to be done by Friday (the last day). So They rushed through the completion. They cut every corner in areas they thought I wouldn’t check and also left a mess everywhere. Including my children’s restroom.! They gave zero attempt of cleaning the random mortar, grout, dust etc all over my house. It would have been appreciated if they gave at least some sort of clean up before they left for good. Even outside of my house where they was cutting the tiles, mixing mortar etc is all over my driveway! I wish I could add more pictures, because they left every room that had a transition from tile to carpet or vinyl with no transition piece at all. It’s simply not a complete job at all. Every closet has half ass grout, the hole left under my entertainment center is ridiculous, the unfinished caulking is ridiculous. All in all I’m not satisfied at all. I guess all I can do is Chalk it up to me getting what I paid for. There goes the small savings I got from taking them on as the company I went with.
Turbo Home Services LLCTurbo Home Services LLC
Mark H.
I would like to add I am a fair person and I expect a response from the so called owner of this business. This review is NOT for the work performed, but rather the work that was not able to be performed due to extremely POOR communication. I have all the messages on thumbtack and emails for documentation as FACTS. After days if not weeks of communicating and asking for written quotes for flooring there were numerous mistakes with Eduardos pricing. If I didn't catch the mistake I'd be paying more money and for material I wasn't wanting. He quoted me vinyl plank when I quoted laminate. I had to communicate on numerous occasions about his pricing and how it didn't make sense (once again I have all the documented messaged to prove this). The first time his mom came out "Rosa" she barely spoke English and we don't speak Spanish. Uh...how do you expect to communicate what you want with someone who cant understand you. In fact a lot of the miscommunication came from the fact Eduardo and his mom "Rosa" miscommunicated. Now this miscommunication costed me time, money and headaches as it's a poor way to conduct a business. Now, I was willing to overlook his poor communication because he was polite and seemed at the time to be professional, however, when they were supposed to come out a second time for review of the job there was no one to be found. They never showed up! In fact I reached out through TT messaging 2 minutes before 9am and Eduardo says' sorry we cant make it. Instead of confirming with his team before hand and contacting us to let us know there was NO communication. Guess that's how he runs his business. Now he has a decent amount of reviews but trust me it's easy to get reviews and trust me I've hired people with great reviews who still turned out poor. Once again, this is a review not for work done but rather work that wasn't done due to his poor business communication. Which is in fact the complete opposite of what business should be. So if you like to take RISKS and don't care about communication, hire this company. If not I highly caution you to rethink and keep searching for a company that is a REAL business. *To comment to your response you are incorrect in saying you were on time to your first appt as Rosa was at least 30min late. State the facts please. I'm glad I get the another opportunity to work with another contractor as from here on out just hire "TopPros" with TT. Anyone reading this here is a tip. Don't just use the photos the contractor posts but rather the actual photos from the customers review. Contractors can post pics all day, but I've personally posted before and after pics of my satisfied work here on TT. At the end of the day I lose because this contractor literally strung me along wasting my wife and I's time and costed me money. He should be paying us for all the lost time! Caution against this contractor you have been warned.
Texas Wood Flooring Service LLCTexas Wood Flooring Service LLC
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