Thumbtack’s Top Trending Home Projects Ahead of Summer


By Morgan Olsen

We took a look at our database of millions of home projects across the country to uncover the top home trends ahead of the summer.

We know better than most how much homeowners are susceptible to procrastination. In fact 68% recently admitted to procrastinating on home projects because they’re overwhelmed. And who can blame them? Homes are complicated and many people feel uncertain where to start.

But this summer’s top trending projects on Thumbtack show homeowners may be starting to learn from past mistakes. Whether they’re hitting “undo” on past design mishaps and failed DIY projects, taking steps to anticipate future weather events, or simply trying to avoid a mid-July A/C meltdown, homeowners are prepping both their indoor and outdoor spaces for a summer filled with hosting and relaxing, and they’re leaving much of it to the pros.

To reveal the top home upkeep and improvement trends happening right now across the country, we dug into our database of millions of projects in more than 500 categories. Here’s what we found.

To kick off summer, homeowners are ridding themselves of regretful design and decor choices, for a “great undoing” in their spaces, with wallpaper removal up +77% year over year (YoY) and carpet removal up +57% YoY.

summer trending projects: removing and replacing materialsBeyond a stylistic choice, old carpet can also have a huge health impact, as it accumulates dust and pollutants and decreases the home’s air quality. Replacing carpets with vinyl plank or engineered hardwood are great alternatives.

Whether it’s the result of removing old wallpaper or just wanting a fresh coat or color, the number one most-booked project ahead of summer is interior painting; homeowners are increasingly looking to make a change — even floor painting/coating was up 40% YoY.

Trending interior colors are forever changing, but when painting a home the key is to keep to a consistent color palette. This doesn’t mean using all greens or all neutrals, but keeping the same tone throughout brings a cohesive look — meaning stick with all pastels or all jewel-toned accent colors. In terms of trends, we’re seeing designers and homeowners use a lot of pinks, greens, peaches, and oranges right now.

But these aren’t the only ways people are giving their homes a refresh — here are the other indoor projects homeowners are tackling this summer.

top summer indoor home projectsThe most booked indoor improvement projects.

  1. Interior painting ($1.21-$3.25 per sq. ft.)
  2. Furniture assembly ($120-$150 on average)
  3. TV mounting ($120-$150 on average)
  4. Floor installation or replacement ($1,505 on average)
  5. Carpet cleaning ($150-$200 on average)
  6. Drywall repair & texturing ($250-$400 on average)
  7. Bathroom remodel ($245 — $466 per sq. ft. on average)
  8. Lighting installation ($150-$250 on average)
  9. Home organizing ($60-$75 per hour on average)
  10. Home remodeling (price depends upon rooms being remodeled)

trending summer home projects: keeping a cool homeNot only was last summer the hottest on record, but so was this winter. This year, homeowners are not messing around with potential midsummer heat waves: Duct and vent repair is up 112% YoY, along with window/wall/portable A/C repair or maintenance up a whopping 242% YoY.

Additional projects homeowners are taking on to ensure a comfortable summer include window tinting (+48% YoY) to keep homes cool while using less energy, smart home installation or repair (+61% YoY) to make sure those thermostats are up to snuff, and swimming pool inspections (+54% YoY) to prep for poolside hangs.

We took a look at what other top maintenance and repairs homeowners are booking before the heat hits.

trending summer home maintenance projects

The most booked maintenance projects.

  1. Handyman ($60-$75 per hour)
  2. Appliance repair or maintenance ($80 on average)
  3. Junk removal ($150-$225 on average)
  4. Electrical & wiring repair ($75-$95 per hour on average)
  5. Sprinkler and irrigation system repair and maintenance ($100 on average)
  6. Plumbing pipe repair ($89-$117 per hour on average)
  7. Plumbing drain repair ($89-$129 per hour on average)
  8. Central A/C maintenance or repair ($80 on average)
  9. Pest control services ($100-$140 on average)
  10. Garage door repair ($125-$200 on average)
  11. Gutter cleaning & maintenance ($200-$250 on average)

protecting your homeWater damage clean-up and installation is up 43% YoY after a tough El Niño season, and that’s not the only climate-induced project homeowners are booking. Home waterproofing is up 73% YoY and sump pump installs and repairs are up 70% YoY as homeowners seek to prevent flooding and other damage due to climate events. Outdoor pesticide application is also up 93% YoY, likely due to an increase in pests as a result of wet winters and rising temperatures.

Sustainability-focused projects continue to be top-of-mind for homeowners with an uptick in solar panel installations as well. This quarter, we’re seeing more people install timer-driven automatic sprinkler systems, adding double hung windows, and making insulation updates to improve energy efficiency. We’re even seeing a trend of EV charger services up 71% in 2024 compared to 2022 illustrating how important having an energy efficient home is for consumers.

have a moment in the shadeWith impending heat top of mind, the number one project people added to their Thumbtack home plans ahead of summer was outdoor landscaping and design, but backyards may be taking a backseat to other projects — with sod installation down 25% this season. In fact, we’re seeing more homeowners prioritize woodscaping over lawnscaping.

“There’s been a major uptick in wooden hardscaping, including decks, patios, walkways, pergolas and arbors,” Bret Douglas, a Thumbtack Pro and owner of Ironclad Landscape Management in Florida, told us. “At the same time, we’re also seeing a significant decrease in yards and grass areas.”

We looked at what other outdoor projects people are prioritizing.

top trending outdoor summer home projectsThe most booked outdoor projects.

  1. Lawn mowing ($55-$70 per hour)
  2. Full service lawn care ($1,034-$5,720 on average)
  3. Outdoor landscaping & design ($1,034-$5,720 on average)
  4. Tree trimming & removal ($490 on average)
  5. Pressure washing ($250-$350 on average)
  6. Fence & gate installation ($7-$45 per linear foot on average)
  7. Roof repair or maintenance ($223-$775 on average)
  8. Concrete installation ($3-$10 per square foot on average)
  9. Exterior painting ($3,014-$8,117 on average)
  10. Deck or porch remodel or addition ($3,564-$10,750 on average)

Getting a jump on summer home projects.

Eager to beat the heat, get ahead of summertime home emergencies and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends? You’re not alone. A majority of homeowners told us they plan to spend $30,000 on home repairs, maintenance and improvements in the next year alone!

To help navigate the cost and complexity of owning a home, download the new Thumbtack app and create a personalized home profile to receive step-by-step guidance on what projects to do, when to do them, and who to hire season by season. You can also check out guides for boosting curb appeal, increasing energy efficiency, no demo renos, and more!

Project Data Methodology: All data year-over-year comparison data is based on findings from January 2023 — April 2024. All pricing data is based on national average cost estimates using data provided by Thumbtack pros and additional research, real prices may vary based on city and supply.

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