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How much do golf lessons cost?

Average cost in 20149: $60 See National


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The average cost for a golf instructor is $60. You are likely to spend between $35 and $105 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Golf instruction is available in private or group lessons for children or adults. Everyone from beginners to competitive professionals may take lessons to learn the game or hone their skills. Introduction to golf, general improvement, driving, putting and iron play are common focus areas for lessons. Several factors affect the cost of golf lessons.

Teacher reputation

Well-known golf instructors, those with a record of producing winning competitors and those who have had success in their own golfing careers often charge higher rates than other golf instructors.

Individual lessons

Most golf teachers have an hourly rate for one-on-one golf instruction that can vary based on their reputation, geographic location, training and expertise, and other factors. Always research a teacher to determine if their teaching style is the right fit for you. Here are some examples of hourly rates:

Couples lessons

Golf instructors who offer private instruction to couples or two friends at the same time generally don’t double their hourly rate. Instead, the two-person rate typically includes an incremental cost increase. Here are some examples:


Many golf teachers offer golf lesson bundles. Purchasing a package increases the total upfront cost but lowers the per-lesson cost. This approach saves students money and ensures the teacher repeat business. Here’s package pricing from Thoughtless Golf:

  • Six one-hour individual sessions: $350—$10 savings

  • 10 one-hour individual sessions: $550—$40 savings

  • Six one-and-a-half-hour couples’ sessions: $540—$40 savings

  • 10 one-and-a-half-hour couples’ sessions: $800—$200 savings

Golf Mentorship offers $10 off per lesson when five or more lessons are purchased at one time.

Junior golfers

Some instructors offer reduced rates for young golfers, while some charge the same hourly rate across the board. Toski-Battersby Golf Learning Center charges $75 per hour for junior golfers versus the $100 per hour standard rate.

Swing analysis

Swing analysis also affects the cost of golf lessons. Many instructors include swing analysis in their one-on-one lessons, but some offer it as an additional, stand-alone service for golfers who only want help with their swing. For example, Turner Golf Instruction in McKinney, Texas, charges $40 for video analysis of a golfer’s swing.

Group lessons

Group golf lessons can be organized for friends, family and corporate events. Typically the golf instructor will have a minimum number of students per group and a set price per person. Group lessons are generally far less expensive per person than individual lessons. Toski-Battersby Golf Learning Center charges $25 per person for a minimum of four people for a one-hour group lesson.

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Recent reviews

Mark Moore Golf

I appreciated the approach Mark took to diagnose and correct the obvious flaws in my swing. Within the first 30 minutes I had a good understanding of the flaws he mentioned and was striking the ball cleaner and more square on the club face. Not to mention correcting some aspects of my short game that instantly brought confidence back when using my sand wedge. Although his price per lesson is higher than the other offers I received, I really feel like I got enough value from the lesson to justify the difference.

Golf Mentorship

Great golf lessons at a most reasonable price. Thanks to Kenneth I am much better golfer. I won't be making the tour anytime soon, but it's nice knowing the fundamentals of the game and finally knowing why the ball flies how and where it does. Since I started playing I was told my baseball swing would kill my golf game, turns out that all it needed was some adjustment. Now I just feel more comfortable and mishits are beginning to decline as I work on the fundamentals I learned from Kenneth. Only negative is: My girlfriend took lessons with me and kicks my ass on the course. :) Kenneth, Thank You sir, we'll need to golf together soon - you're a hell of a nice guy.

"Thoughtless Golf"

" Within 30 minutes Tony had me striping the ball right down the middle" He even spent a little extra time with me free of charge. A true professional!!