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How much does hypnotherapy cost?

Average cost in 20149: $100 See National


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The average cost for a therapist is $100. You are likely to spend between $45 and $210 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Hypnotherapy is a technique for working with a range of physiological issues, including anxiety or stress management, addiction, fears or phobias, weight loss, depression and overall life improvement. Learn more about hypnotherapy here. Several factors affect the cost of this service.

Intake session

New clients may pay a higher price for the initial intake session because the hypnotherapist must spend intensive time learning their needs. On the other hand, some practitioners may offer a reduced rate to bring in new clients. Presents of Mind Hypnosis in Atlanta, Georgia, charges $250 for an initial 90-minute intake session, which includes an in-depth background interview, education about hypnosis and a personalized recorded hypnotherapy session.

Session length

Hypnotherapists may base their rates on the session length. The longer the session, the higher the cost. In this case, clients pay for the time of the professional. Here are some examples of session rates based on length:


Hypnotherapists often offer discounted package deals when clients purchase sessions in bulk upfront. The professional provides services at a reduced rate but also secures future business for themselves, which benefits clients and themselves. Here are some hypnotherapy package prices:

Inner Soundness

  • $400 for three 90-minute sessions, a $50 savings over purchasing sessions individually at $150 for 90 minutes

  • $750 for six 90-minute sessions, a $150 savings over purchasing individually

  • $1,000 for 10 90-minute sessions, a $500 savings over purchasing individually.

Amor Healing Place:

  • $333 for six hours of hypnotherapy, a $87 savings over purchasing sessions individually at $70 per hour

  • $444 for 10 hours of hypnotherapy, a $256 savings over purchasing individually

  • $888 for 24 hours of hypnotherapy, a $792 savings over purchasing individually

Professional experience

Hypnotherapists with advanced training, academic degrees or extensive experience may charge higher rates than those without the same professional background. For example, a licensed counselor or psychologist with an advanced degree who is also a certified hypnotherapist may have higher rates than a person solely trained as a hypnotherapist.


Some hypnotherapists offer additional healing techniques in conjunction with their services. Any additional services will increase the overall cost for a session. For example, Presents of Mind Hypnosis $215 per hypnotherapy session plus 60 minutes of reiki for ongoing clients and $310 for new clients for the same combo.

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Recent reviews

Lili Betancourt, Board Certified Hypnotist and EFT Practitioner

I can't recommend Lili enough. She is caring, talented, professional, and highly effective. I was able to present to a group of about 100 people within a week after working with Lili, despite a true phobia of public speaking. I intend to continue work with Lili to help reveal even more of the potential within.

Nova Hypnotherapy

I used to have so many issues, so many fears, and they constantly held me back from being happy and successful. In the last 6 months, I went from having heart problems, asthma, obesity, insomnia, fear of heights, fear of needles, fear of blood, fear of job interviews and applications, depression, and working 87.5 hours a week making minimum wage, to making 4 times as much at only 40 hours a week, healthy heart, no phobias, happy nearly all the time (Because let's be honest. When your transmission is failing with a car you just bought, you can't be 100% happy) healthy lungs, healthy weight and body mass index, and constantly applying for better jobs. If you feel stuck, helpless, depressed, or even if you're in a good place and want it to be better, hypnotherapy will change your life. I never thought I'd be a fully functional adult. I had no idea how people made it look so effortless. But now I'm just effortlessly gliding through life with a grin on my face, because i really can't believe how easy it all is once there's no past trauma or fear holding me back. For the first time in my life, I've learned to love myself, and it's such a freeing experience. Also, many other hypnotherapists will quote you at $1,500-$3,000 to fix ONE issue, (some, even more than that!) over weeks and weeks of sessions, but with Nova Hypnotherapy my issues were all dealt with in 1-3 sessions (3 sessions being a really deep rooted issue that took a huge amount of effort. My phobias took one session each, my heart arrhythmia took one session, my insomnia took 2 sessions, it really depends on the issue and how good you get at relaxing.) versus the usual 30 hours of sessions quoted by most professionals in the area. I was so happy to find a quality hypnotherapy practice at a rate that was fair, rather than costing the same as a new car, or a down payment on a house. Anyways, I know I've written a super long review but I just can't thank them enough for the complete turnaround in my life.

Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching

The Universe directed me to Judith and for me she was the absolutely right teacher that I needed. I had the great fortune to meet Judith months before my fiancée of four years suddenly and with warning or explanation broken off our engagement and left me. I had initially gone to see her on how to improve myself and strengthen my relationship and not repeat my past. Months before his departure. Our sessions we worth the cost. I was given the "tools" that I needed to get through that AND WAY MORE! Better yet, I received a gift of happiness and balance. I learned that I get to keep the love I felt and then easily question and resolve so many things that ran through my mind on so many things equally needing clarity, that I didn't even know needed resolution. Thank you again Judith! I wish you Love and I wish you Happiness.