How much will your private self defense lessons cost?

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Self Defense Instructors on Thumbtack cost$60 - $70

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$50
  • Most common low price:$60
  • Most common high price:$70
  • Highest price:$120

How much do karate lessons cost?

Karate lessons teach people to protect themselves, build strength, improve overall physical health, and gain confidence and discipline. A professional karate instructor—also known as a "sensei"—can teach students of all ages. Students can take one-time classes, ongoing lessons or join a karate instruction studio, known as a “dojo,” in the same way someone might join a gym. Instructors work with students at any skill level, from first-time practitioners to advanced students refining their practice for competition. Several factors affect the cost of karate lessons.

Private lessons

Private karate instruction is tailored to an individual student’s skill level and needs. Private lessons are great for people who have an injury and require special focus during recovery, who prefer one-on-one instruction, or who are training for competition. Instructors usually charge more for private lessons than for group instruction because the individual student receives the teacher’s undivided attention and expertise. The longer the private session, the higher the cost. TigerStrong NYC in New York City charges the following for private lessons:

  • Children: $65

    • +$25 for each additional child in the private class
  • Adults: $80

    • Reduced rates available for custom private lesson packages

Group classes

Group instruction is typically the most affordable way to take karate lessons, and purchasing lesson packages upfront costs less than paying for each class separately. Karate instructors offer group lessons at gyms, dojos or at a student’s location. TigerStrong NYC charges $30 for a drop-in group class. A lesson package or studio membership would cost less.

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Monthly rates

Students can save on karate lessons by joining a dojo or gym. Teachers provide access to classes at varying rates, depending on membership level. TigerStrong NYC charges the following tiered pricing for monthly membership:

  • One class per week (four or five classes per month): $75

  • Two classes per week (eight to 10 classes per month): $115

  • Unlimited monthly classes: $155


Packages benefit both students and teachers financially because the students receive a discounted rate and teachers have the security of ongoing business. Typically, the more classes students purchase upfront, the lower the price per class. TigerStrong NYC charges the following for lesson packages paid for upfront:

  • One class per week for four months: $265

  • Two classes per week for four months: $405

Location and reputation

An instructor’s experience and reputation affect the cost of karate lessons. Teachers who have competed professionally or who have a well-known teaching style often charge higher rates for instruction. Geographical region also affects the cost of karate lessons, based on the local cost of living, regional competition, area studio rental costs and other factors.

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Some instructors who offer private lessons in student’s homes or offices charge a travel fee. This fee covers the instructor’s additional time and transportation costs in getting to and from the location.

Pro tip:

  • Many instructors offer a free trial so that students can determine whether a studio is the right fit. Take at least one class with an instructor before purchasing a membership or package.
How do we know these prices?

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