How much does hiring a valet cost?

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The average cost for a valet parking specialist is $315. You are likely to spend between $215 and $460 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Valet parking is increasingly popular for all kinds of private events including weddings, special events and business events. It’s especially useful in urban areas where street parking is in short supply. Many insured companies provide valet parking for events. Most valet services charge by the hour. Cost factors include the number of valets needed, the length of time customers need them, where the parking spots are located, any necessary permits or rental fees, and tips for the valets. Most valet services request information about an event before they can provide a quote for their services.

Number of valets

The cost of valet parking service goes up with the number of valets needed, which will rise with the number of guests at an event. Each valet is usually charged at an hourly rate. For example, Mister Valet Parking in Houston charges between $24.99 and $39.99 per hour per attendant, depending on the level of service. Most events require at least two valets in place—one to move the cars and another to greet the customers. For high-volume events, having more valets on hand helps prevent backups. The whole purpose of valet parking is to make parking easy and quick for guests. Waiting 10 minutes for a valet to become available defeats that purpose.

Liability and Insurance

Before hiring a valet service, it’s a good idea to get proof of insurance and make sure that the valets are covered by workers’ compensation insurance in case of an accident. Venue Valet USA in Chicago carries workers' compensation insurance as mandated by law and claims a comprehensive insurance program with coverage in excess of $10 million to cover public liability, property damage, bodily injury and garage keepers' legal liability. All of the company’s clients are named as additionally insured on the policy. Really low-cost valet services may not offer as much insurance coverage.

Length of the event

The longer the event, the higher the overall cost for valet parking services. Many valet services charge a minimum of three or four hours. AGE Executive Valet Parking in Houston has a four-hour minimum. Some valet services also charge more for peak days of the week and times.

Location of parking spots

Valet service for on-site parking is less expensive than if valets need to take cars off site. In this case, more valets will probably be needed to keep things moving efficiently.

Permits and rental fees

Event organizers may need to acquire—and pay for—permits if valets will be parking the cars in public, municipal parking spaces. Some private garages rent space for valet parking, which will add to the overall cost of services.


Many valet parking services request a deposit. For example, AGE Executive Valet Parking charges a 25 percent deposit.


Event organizers can either request guests to tip the valets or be prepared to provide a tip at the end of the service.

Cost-saving strategies

You can offset the expense of a valet service by charging guests for the service.

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