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Mudjacking is a way to lift concrete that has sunk or is no longer level as a result of water intrusion, tree roots or improper compaction. Mudjacking restores concrete or lifts it back up into place as opposed to tearing it out and replacing it. In some cases, the concrete does not need to be lifted, but mudjacking can fill voids under the surface to restore balance and strength. Professionals drill holes into the sunken concrete, inject grout into the holes to raise the concrete, then refill the holes for a smooth surface.

Mudjacking concrete is usually one-third to one-half the cost of removing and replacing existing concrete. "It’s not usually the concrete that fails," says Bill Howell of Level Best Concrete Lifting in Parker, Colorado. “It’s the earth below that has failed.” Mudjacking is a good solution when the concrete is still in good shape, but the concrete pad has sunk or fallen or has jagged edges sticking up because of uneven surfaces underneath. “You don’t need to tear out concrete if it’s not shattered,” Howell says. Mudjacking pros can lift it and have it looking as good as new. Several factors affect the cost of mudjacking.

Average mudjacking costs

Every mudjacking job is unique in terms of materials, labor and logistics. The location of the job site also affects the cost. If workers can get their equipment right up to the site, project costs will be lower than if they need to navigate small backyard spaces. Here are average cost examples from Level Best Concrete Lifting:

  • Materials: Typically 15 percent to 20 percent of total project costs

  • Average residential mudjacking job: $750

  • Smaller residential mudjacking job: ~ $5–$8 per square foot

  • Larger commercial mudjacking jobs (20,000 square feet and up): ~ $3–$4 per square foot

850-square-foot residential basement: $2,700

  • The client had several areas of sunken concrete in the basement, along the posts, next to a sliding glass garden door and along the fireplace.

  • The crew made 1.5-inch penetrations (holes) in the concrete pad and grouted the compacted area below the floor—in other words, they went in and filled the entire area up before the lift occurred.

  • The crew used a dust-containment system.

  • They filled all voids, lifted the concrete back into place, addressed uneven floor and safety issues, fixed problems with doors and windows not opening well, and evened out the walls.

  • The clients were able to drywall and sell their house shortly after.

  • The job included 30 hours of labor total.

3x5 concrete pad in a residential walkway: $500

  • The fixed cost was $300, and labor was $200.

  • The concrete pad on the walkway from the driveway to the porch had sunk.

  • Labor included mudjacking and bonding the cracked seal at the break point transition.

  • The job included five hours of labor.

15,000-square-foot commercial project: $45,000, including $22,000 in materials

  • The apron had fallen next to foundation wall, creating a safety hazard. The clients could move the metal walls by pushing them with their hands because the concrete foundation was so unstable.

  • The crew made 30-inch penetrations and compacted grout all around the perimeter to stabilize the foundation, fill voids, close cracks and bring the walls back together.

  • The job included all interior work, with no windows to open. Additional preparation work included balancing the air, setting up full dust containment in on hallways and striking the air for carbon monoxide.

  • The job included 289 hours of labor total.

Fixed costs

Mudjacking is a highly specialized trade that requires expensive equipment, licensing and certification requirements. The self-propelled hydraulic mudjacking equipment costs approximately $160,000, including the mixer, drill and saw. This equipment requires regular upkeep and repairs to maintain the pumps. Because of the high cost of operating a mudjacking business, some contractors build in fees to help cover the cost of equipment, insurance, licensing and more. For example, Level Best Concrete Lifting charges a $300 set fee to account for business and equipment overhead.

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