How much will your concrete repair and maintenance cost?

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Concrete Specialists on Thumbtack cost$500 - $45000

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How much does mudjacking cost?

Mudjacking costs $5-$8 per square foot of concrete, which comes out to $500 to $800 for an average-sized residential project. How much you pay depends on what you need to repair and if you use polyurethane foam vs. cement. Your costs could range from $500 to repair a small walkway to $2,700 to lift and level a large basement floor.

If you've got a cracked cement sidewalk, sinking pool deck, or uneven driveway, you may worry that a visitor will trip and get hurt or that it'll be expensive to replace. Fortunately, mudjacking (or concrete-leveling) can repair uneven concrete and is about half as expensive as concrete replacement. For homeowners, mudjacking can repair, strengthen, and level sinking concrete almost anywhere—from in driveways to concrete patios.

If you're considering mudjacking as a cost-effective way to fix a problem with a concrete surface in your home, you'll need to hire a contractor to help. But before you look for a mudjacking contractor near you, get an estimate on how much it will cost.

What's in this cost guide?

Mudjacking cost per square foot

Mudjacking typically costs $5-$8 per square foot of concrete.

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Mudjacking price factors

Most residential mudjacking projects cost around $750, depending on the amount of concrete you need to repair and the materials you use. This total cost typically includes hourly labor rates, the cost of materials (about 15 -20% of the total) and possibly a set fee to cover overhead and equipment used for concrete leveling.

Some mudjacking jobs require partial concrete replacement for crumbled areas, and this can make the project more expensive. Concrete slabs need to be in good shape in order to be raised.

To help you estimate your costs, below are three examples of mudjacking projects and costs from a Thumbtack pro in Elizabeth, CO. 

3x5 concrete pad in a residential walkway: $500

One Thumbtack pro repaired a small concrete slab in a walkway for $500. The total included a $300 fixed cost plus $200 for five hours of labor to lift and level out the concrete, as well as bond a cracked seal.

Raise sunken areas in an 850-square foot basement: $2,700

A Thumbtack pro repaired a concrete floor in an 850-square-foot basement for $2,700. This included 30 hours of labor for a crew to drill several 1.5-inch holes in the concrete pad and grout the area below the floor, fill the voids and lift the concrete back into place. The crew repaired sunken concrete in multiple areas to even out walls and adjust doors and windows that were not closing properly.

Repairs to foundation in a 15,000-square foot commercial space: $45,000

A Thumbtack pro repaired the foundation of a 15,000-square-foot commercial building for $45,000. Their total cost included $22,000 in materials and 289 hours of labor. This job required preparation work, deep drilling into the foundation, filling in the perimeter of the foundation with grout to stabilize it, closing cracks, and bringing walls back together.

As you can see from these examples, a mudjacking project can range from fairly simple to quite complicated, so costs vary widely.

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Traditional mudjacking vs. foam cost

Materials can also impact your total costs. Cementitious grout costs about $2-$4 per square foot of concrete. Polyurethane foam can be as much as $10-$25 per square foot for residential projects.

How does mudjacking work?

Mudjacking is a cost-effective method of concrete leveling that can even out or fortify a concrete surface such as:

  • basement floors
  • garage floors
  • stairways
  • sidewalks
  • pool decks
  • porches
  • walkways

Traditional mudjacking (also known as slab jacking, concrete lifting or slab leveling) levels out concrete slabs by drilling holes into the slabs and filling the holes with a cement slurry. The cement fills the void below the slab and expands as it dries to lift the concrete slab.

As an alternative, some contractors prefer to inject polyurethane foam underneath the slab. Although more expensive, this foam leveling technique has several advantages over traditional mudjacking. For example, the polyurethane foam is very light and cures in about 15 minutes.

Overall, mudjacking is a good solution to repair slabs that are in good condition (i.e., not crumbling)—though it's not always the right fix for a home's foundation. If you're concerned about the state of your concrete foundation, it's a good idea to consult a structural engineer before making any repairs.

How long does mudjacking take?

Most mudjacking projects take under two hours. Your concrete surface will be ready for light use immediately, but you should let it dry overnight before putting any heavy weight on it—like driving your car onto your concrete driveway.

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Is mudjacking covered by insurance?

Home insurance typically will not cover mudjacking unless the damage was caused by a covered disaster such as a tornado. Insurance will not cover problems caused by normal wear and tear, tree roots, or soil settling.

How do I hire a contractor for mudjacking?

Before you hire a professional mudjacker near you, be sure to:

  1. Make sure they have mudjacking experience. Look for a contractor who has mudjack experience and has received excellent reviews from previous customers.
  2. Ask about their insurance. Your contractor should be licensed and fully insured to cover any on-the-job accidents or injuries.
  3. Ask for a free estimate for your mudjacking project. Make sure it breaks down labor and material costs, so you know what you're paying for.

Find mudjackers near you

If you've noticed any problems or unevenness with a concrete surface in your home, raising your concrete through mudjacking is a great alternative to replacing it with new concrete. If you're ready to fix a section of concrete in your home, look for a mudjacker in your zip code on Thumbtack.

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