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How much does GMAT tutoring cost?

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The average cost for a GMAT tutor is $95/hr. You are likely to spend between $45 and $210 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the standardized test most often required for applicants to graduate business programs such as a master’s in business administration and others. As with other standardized tests, preparation is key. Tutors work with students one on one and typically charge between $55 and $110 an hour—sometimes even more—depending on your location and individual needs. Students can hire a tutor and also take a prep course, depending on their learning style and how much preparation they need. If you’ve already taken the test once after completing a prep course, for example, hiring a tutor could be exactly how to improve your score.

Experience and credentials

According to Bryce Warwick of Warwick Strategies and Drew Boles, the best way to tell if a tutor knows the test they’re teaching is to ask if they’ve scored in the 95th or higher percentile on that test. Client reviews can also be useful. Nirmal Chandraratna offers prospective clients a free session to see if his tutoring style is a fit. Kate Greenthal lists her own SAT and GMAT scores in her Thumbtack profile.

Specific test area

Nirmal Chandraratna notes that it’s helpful if students know they want to improve in a specific area of the GMAT: integrated reasoning, quantitative or verbal. Knowing this will not only help them find a tutor that best meets their needs, but it will also save money because they’ll need fewer sessions. One of the five-star client reviews of Sasha’s Academic Tutoring refers specifically to her ability to provide quality tutoring in the GMAT’s quantitative section. When requesting a quote, be sure to ask whether a tutor can zero in on the area you need help with.

Test prep versus academic tutoring

Some tutors, particularly math tutors, charge less for test prep tutoring than for academic tutoring in subjects such as calculus or science. For example, Dave Markham offers the following tiered pricing system:

  • Algebra, geometry, ACT, GMAT, GRE, SAT tutoring: $36 per hour

  • Algebra II, precalculus, trigonometry, SAT subject tests: $39 an hour

Also, all of Markham’s hourly rates are divisible by 3.


Large test prep companies often guarantee that their courses will help students improve their score. Individuals and boutique tutoring businesses can’t always do that, but they may offer other services that are equally appealing to help students do better and save money in the long run. Apex Test Prep offers an introductory assessment session for $350 during which clients meet with a tutor for about two and a half hours to go through practice GMAT problems and receive an introduction to the skills needed to score well. It may seem expensive, but it could end up saving the student several hours of tutoring down the line.

Cost-saving strategies

Some tutors offer a discount for tutoring over a certain number of hours—or for more than one standardized test.

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There is a reason why everybody trusts Arbor Tutors. I had to take GMAT after having taken the exam a couple of times before. Arbor hooked me up with a team of Tutors who were able to help assess my gaps and arrange a game plan so that I could be more effective the next time I took the exam.

Dan the GMAT Man

I started by going to a gmat prep course. I came to realize the course was not meant for people aiming for a score between 700-800 and that the sessions are meant to help the lowest common denominator in the class. When I had four weeks left before my exam date, I went on thumbtack and found Dan. Dan helped me go from 680 to 740 on my practice exams, and I ended up getting a 740 on the actual gmat. We worked on quant only, and Dan taught me a lot of tricks that made problems much simpler and saved time. Before Dan, I got a 42 on quant, and I got a 47 on the actual exam.

Dan the GMAT Man

Dan is a great tutor! I started working with Dan with the goal of increasing my overall score to 700, specifically through improvements within the Quant section. After 6 weeks of training with Dan, we were able to get my score up from 670 to 720. Dan provided guidance on some of the more common question types, and quick ways for solving. He also provided supplementary material for problem types that either took too long, or stumped me on initial approach. Given these similar problem types, I better captured the material through repetition. Overall, working with Dan was a great experience.